The fee to create an original painting is $3,999. The original is 40x30 inches on archival stretched canvas and includes a personal experience with Brad Burns, premiere artist to the construction industry.

How does it work?

Start the creative process by sending pictures of your job sites, work crews and heavy equipment. I use them as reference to create, by hand, your original painting on stretched canvas. The process takes about a month to complete, usually around forty hours. I then crate your painting and deliver it to your door, ready to hang.

In the bustling world of construction, where towering structures rise from the ground and diligent work crews orchestrate intricate projects, there lies an unspoken beauty waiting to be immortalized. As a passionate artist specializing in commissioned handcrafted paintings of construction sites, work crews, and heavy equipment, I offer a unique perspective that sets your business apart and celebrates the very essence of your industry.

The Art of Construction: Turning Work into Masterpieces

Every construction site is an awe-inspiring canvas that tells a remarkable story of human ingenuity, determination, and progress. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to capturing the true essence of your projects, I transform the rugged beauty of your workspaces into vivid, breathtaking works of art. Each brushstroke reflects the unwavering commitment your crew brings to every project, while the colors blend to mirror the harmonious collaboration that defines your team.

A Timeless Tribute: Personalized Commissions for Industry Leaders

My services extend beyond mere artistry; I create customized masterpieces that reflect the unique identity of your construction company. Whether it's a landmark project that pushes the boundaries of engineering or a monumental achievement that leaves a lasting impact on the community, my paintings encapsulate your legacy for generations to come.

Connecting with Your Audience: Inspire, Engage, and Empower

Imagine the impact of having a visually stunning painting of your construction site proudly displayed in your boardroom or office. Such artwork speaks volumes about your dedication to excellence and the unwavering commitment to progress. By commissioning a handcrafted piece, you not only honor your work but also foster stronger connections with your audience, be it clients, partners, or employees. Showcasing your projects through art opens up avenues for dialogue, empowering stakeholders to engage with your story on a deeper, emotional level.

An Investment with Incomparable Returns

Every construction project is an investment in the future, and so is every commissioned painting. As an artist, my work transcends the ephemeral, offering a lasting testament to your achievements. These personalized masterpieces are more than decorations; they become part of your company's legacy, symbolizing the dedication, innovation, and brilliance that define your brand.

Why Choose My Services

  • Passionate Artistry: My dedication to capturing the essence of construction sites and work crews is evident in every brushstroke.
  • Personalization: Each commission is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your company's unique story is preserved for posterity.
  • Industry Understanding: With a deep appreciation for construction and heavy equipment, I have an insider's perspective that informs my art.
  • Timeless Appeal: My handcrafted paintings age gracefully, standing the test of time to tell your story for decades to come.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Displaying my artwork in your spaces strengthens your brand image and fosters meaningful connections.

Celebrate Your Triumphs through Art

Transform your construction sites, work crews, and heavy equipment into masterpieces that echo the indomitable spirit of your industry. Embrace the timeless allure of handcrafted art, and let it encapsulate your legacy for generations. Together, let us celebrate the soul of construction through captivating paintings that resonate with industry leaders and art enthusiasts alike.

Reach out to commission your unique piece today and embark on an artistic journey that mirrors the triumphs of your construction endeavors.